Someone had to die

This is my first attempt at story writing. Please read through and tell me what you think about it. I had deleted all pics, texts and even his number from my phone but no, the memories were not going to escape just like that. I was wounded and the thought of him getting away with […]

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Bounce back

Life is like a ride on a Ferris wheel. At times you feel like you are on top of the world and the next moment you are hitting the hard rock bottom but the good thing about hitting the rock bottom is that there is only one way left to go, UP.  From Love Simon, […]

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Don’t cover a book by its judge

“Don’t cover a book by its judge. Don’t book a judge by its cover. Don’t cover a judge by its book.🤦Yoh whatever, just don’t do it.” I remember myself laughing so hard when I came across this meme on Instagram. “And then people say school is not important”, those words were in mind as I […]

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The Power Of Inability

I can’t. I cannot do it. At times that is all you gotta tell yourself and it’s okay to do that. I would very much want to sit and write about how you are unstoppable, unbreakable, able to move mountains and all that stuff that would tickle you a bit and give you validation but […]

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Perfect imperfections

  “After all I am only human.” Often I hear that statement but has it ever struck you, what does it really mean to be human? The fact that the world murders humanity in the name of being human on a daily basis makes it very difficult to answer that question but that is altogether […]

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Society has a lot of superpowers, most of which I do not fancy (no offense). I can’t be the only one who is disgusted by the fact that society somehow always has issues with literally everything that is known to us. Take for instance, beauty has been robbed of its beauty simply because society has […]

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