It was never a race

Fact: life is not, has never been and will never be a race. My not soo professional research has brought me to the realisation that a competitive style of life brings in a certain level of unnecessary stress on one’s self. It is necessary to harmonize with the fact that we are all different, each created with a special role in this world. The key to eliminating the spirit of competition which so easily turns toxic is discovering one’s unique role and abilities and fuelling that which makes one stands out and undoubtedly working with others. One of my high school teachers always reminded us that we weren’t born in a vacuum and honestly cannot argue with the connotations. The moment people seize to compete and start working hand in hand, new doors open and new opportunities are born. We all need each other so why not accept who we are and make the world beYOUtiful.

2 thoughts on “It was never a race

  1. Nice nice. But we can never ignore the fact that to some extent competition actually brings out some fruitful results, only when jealousy is not involved.

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