Stupidity is a virtue

The final days of high school brought me a whole lot of surprises one of which being a priest that showed up for a motivational campaign and apparently encouraged us to be stupid. “Stupid man”, I grunted through a smirk and my companions responded with nods of approval. It took a few minutes of listening and reflection to come to the realization that stupidity is by far one of the greatest virtues one can ever have but unfortunately is often misused. It is that drive that one gets to do that which has never been done before, that which is unthinkable and move through life with zero fears. It is true that in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take and stupidity leaves room for no such regrets.

Take a look at the Wright brothers, (with all due respect) stupid people. When the rest saw birds they saw an opportunity for a new chapter in the world. They thought they could fly and thanks to their unique thoughts today we speak of the Emirates and a lot more airline companies.

Forget not Marie Curie, died of aplastic anemia which apparently is caused by exposure to radiation exposure. But how? The lady carried around in her pockets bottles of radium and polonium which would leave one wondering . Well thanks to her, the Science world reached new levels and she was the first ever woman to win a Noble Prize being the only person to win Noble Prizes in multiple Sciences

My personal favorite is Chrysipus the philosopher. Died laughing at his own joke and definitely I wouldn’t expect that from any normal person but apparently he died a happy man. Happiness is priceless and in the joy of his own joke he took his last breath.

I could go on and on about the stupid people in history but well I believe you already get the point. Just go out there and be stupid. Let nothing hold you back. Embrace your stupid nature but do not misuse it. Allow stupidity to pave your way into greatness but don’t let go of the ability to reason. Stupidity + Common Sense = Greatness. The math is simple.

12 thoughts on “Stupidity is a virtue

  1. Intelligent people have more of stupidity than common sense……..and smart people have more of common Sense than stupidity…..

    Just a matter of where one is on the…. stupidity-common sense curve

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