Society has a lot of superpowers, most of which I do not fancy (no offense). I can’t be the only one who is disgusted by the fact that society somehow always has issues with literally everything that is known to us. Take for instance, beauty has been robbed of its beauty simply because society has reduced it to general looks, outlining strict specifications of what is apparently perfection. Another poor victim is happiness. People have lost the true goal and right now it seems the aim is to appear happy and not to actually be happy. People can’t even enjoy a good meal without posting it on social media so the society takes it down in it’s records. Capturing moments on the camera and uploading the pictures has apparently become more important than savouring the moment. With all due respect I do blame society which has ruled out specific qualities for someone to earn citizenship in the world of the happy. Before I lose track, I have to focus on one particular victim here, SUCCESS .

One of my teachers once passed a comment with regard to how generally students always refer in their essays to people with the most prestigious jobs,the greatest numbers of academic qualifications, the largest mansions, the most sophisticated cars and millions of followers on social media as their epitome of success but then hey…….How about that unemployed lady who hustles day and night to educate her child? How about that uneducated man who still somehow manages to put food on the table every night? How about that disregarded teen mother who stands on her own but still manages to give her love and go to bed with a smile every night? How about that kid who has been labeled dull but has just improved from 2% to 4% ? Are they not successful? How about that girl whose heart has been broken a couple of times but she still conquers every day through the tears?How about those minors who battle poverty each day but still share joy in despite the hunger? What logic would justify the nullification of such victories? Society’s measure of success really sucks which is why I have accurately named it SUCKS-cess.

Success is honestly not only about the results but more importantly the hustle. It’s high time society develops some respect for those who grind all day but still remain humbled by the tides of life. Those people deserve to be acknowledged and supported. Let’s put a stop to these unrealistic standards. Allow people to celebrate success whether in a Lamborghini or on a bicycle, whether in Beverly Hills or in a downtown shack… Let’s just celebrate our achievements, whether great or small, no strings attached. It’s up to us to redefine SUCCESS and banish this SUCKS-cess.

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