Perfect imperfections



“After all I am only human.” Often I hear that statement but has it ever struck you, what does it really mean to be human? The fact that the world murders humanity in the name of being human on a daily basis makes it very difficult to answer that question but that is altogether a story for another day. The bottom line here is that we are human or at least that is how we are defined.
Many a times I feel like the whole system is rigged against us. We are just born into this world, defined as humans and spend the rest of our lives trying to live up to those standards. We gotta hustle to stay in the game. That’s just the way it is. You snooze you lose, being human huh. Why is it so damn hard to keep up?
Perfection, that’s the answer right there. It’s so hard to be who you are in a world that demands that you be perfectly human. We want everything to be perfect. “Do I sound smart enough? Am I cool enough? Do I look good enough? Will he or she like me? What will people think of me?” we have ohhhh so many worries. If worries were dollars I wonder how many Billionaires this world would be having right now. We have too many worries it actually worries me (that would have been another dollar in my bank account).
Think of it; is perfection really a thing or just another fantasy? Do we really ever get to that climax of satisfaction whereby we feel like everything is just the way it should be? When such feelings actually do come, do they last? I don’t know about you but I would say, “NO”. Perfection is a myth that has successfully stolen our right to live free. We have become slaves; restless and pathetic. Should it really be this way though? Can we not escape this bondage?
My friend, life is not perfect, this world is not perfect, people are not perfect and you are by no chance an exception. That’s the reality and that’s the beauty of it. We can never be perfect and that is perfect. We’ve got to take note of our weaknesses and shortfalls, change what we can, accept what we cannot and move on with life. The key is realising that you can never have it all the way you want and embracing your perfect imperfections. Remember; life is always better when you choose to keep it real.
My name is Nyasha.
I am not perfect.
And that’s perfect.
What’s your story?

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