The Power Of Inability

human fist

I can’t. I cannot do it.

At times that is all you gotta tell yourself and it’s okay to do that. I would very much want to sit and write about how you are unstoppable, unbreakable, able to move mountains and all that stuff that would tickle you a bit and give you validation but today is just not the day. Don’t get me wrong here, I ain’t tryna steal your thunder. Let’s take a hike in Mt Reality. You can be anything….but you cannot be everything. That right there is the little secret.

It takes courage to admit inability. That would mean letting go of your pride. You have to accept what you can and what you cannot do. Only those who accept inability can actually ask for and get the necessary help when they are at their moments of weakness.One might want to argue, “Hey, but practice makes perfect right. I can always learn to do stuff. Why settle for inability?” The best way is to tackle this is through an analogy. We have Mr Fish in some magnificent lake. Let’s just say Mr Fish is in the swimming Hall of Fame. What would happen if Mr Fish one day decides that he is sick and tired of swimming day in, day out and leaves the lake to try climbing trees instead?Fact is Mr Fish will never be able to climb a tree, let alone get to it whilst still alive. You don’t wanna be a fish out of water my friend, just stay in your lane.

Lemme try and bring this closer to home. You are wonderfully and fearfully made, endowed with your own unique talents but there are those things that you just cannot do on your own. Instead of channelling your energy towards forcing into existence that which isn’t there rather take time to appreciate and work on that which is already there. There is a very thin line between not giving up and wasting time. The moment you fail to acknowledge inability, you can never find a way past it and before you know it, wasting time becomes a hobby.

There is also another side to this. One of the greatest character traits you can ever have is the inability to settle for less. When your energy is rightly channelled, you just gotta keep grinding till you make it. Refuse to back down. Refuse to quit. Refuse to be fooled. Refuse to lose a grip of reality. Trust in your inability to be mediocre. At the end of the day it all comes down to you. Unleash your inner strength!

Worthy of respect are those who can confidently stand up and acknowledge their ability, much more deserving of respect are those who can stand up and acknowledge their inability but far greater is the respect for those who still move forward and find ways through situations despite their inabilities.

10 thoughts on “The Power Of Inability

  1. Flipping coins a lotta times, tryna find where you good at, so that you can channel all your energy towards it to achieve greatness I mean that’s the foundation for everything great….. But it takes so much energy to accept and acknowledge that there are somethings that you can not do even after a thous times, you still fail… It’s hard to deliver failure, very hard to admit inability.

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  2. I was watching this movie called Acrimony today and I picked up some lesson or should I say reassurance of something I already believed. This article right here just says it all. At times we have to admit that we cannot make it or time will be wasted unnecessarily. People should generally work on their ability to pay attention and see where talent calls them. With this success and happiness will always follow. @NYASHAMELLISSAH this is a nice one. I am looking forward to the next issue.

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  3. Wow nyasha this really changed my life to a whole new level. You should know that you really motivate and inspire me to accept that in as much as l want to be anything I can not be everything.please keep on the good work . you are my hero

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