Don’t cover a book by its judge


“Don’t cover a book by its judge. Don’t book a judge by its cover. Don’t cover a judge by its book.🤦Yoh whatever, just don’t do it.” I remember myself laughing so hard when I came across this meme on Instagram. “And then people say school is not important”, those words were in mind as I laughed. Moments later reality dawned; that nonsense was actually loaded with sense. A simple joke about how English as a second language can be a real pain in the butt suddenly opened up my mind to a different perspective I had never considered before: Don’t cover a book by its judge.

I’ve often heard people saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I wouldn’t try to dispute that because I likewise believe that what’s on the outside is not a reflection of what’s on the inside. The fact that it is a common saying doesn’t give any guarantee that people actually live by it. I am more concerned about the book that has already been judged. It no longer matters whether the book has been judged by its cover or whatever, the fact of the matter is that the book has already been judged. So what now? That is where my twist comes in.

In as much as judging each other is wrong, we still do it. Now it even becomes a bigger problem when we define people based on human judgements. That is what I mean when I say covering a book by its judge. How many times has your friend complained about someone being annoying and all of a sudden you view that person as annoying too. How many times have you heard your fellows calling someone gwash (uncool) and you just caught on the vibe. How many times have you heard people calling someone ugly and you just decided to go along with that flow. Just because person x looked at someone with a judge’s eye and expressed a perspective doesn’t make that the definition of who that person is.

I believe the first person to say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” had actually realised that people do judge based on the cover. Now imagine what would happen to a book that is already covered by a negative judgement. That poor book that has been negatively judged by one individual and everyone else decides to go with the flow and just label it as such.At times we do that to each other. We cover people up in judgements of who that have been. You would be surprised by how people sometimes keep referring to an incidence that occurred years back to define others.

Picture this;

Yoh guys, you can’t trust Thomas with club funds. That guy stole my book in 2013. Trust me. That guy is a thief.

We are in 2020 for crying out loud. So what he stole in 2013. Move on. Yes he has stolen before but don’t wrap him up in that dirt. Give him a chance.

This is covering people in judgements. We all make mistakes and we deserve to be set free from them. How do you expect me to move on and become better if you keep taking me back to who I have been and how I have been judged?My point here is that people are not defined by how they have been judged before so stop wrapping them up in those judgements. For all you care the judge might have been inaccurate. Don’t cover a book by its judge. ✌️

25 thoughts on “Don’t cover a book by its judge

  1. Its sad our society has always been like this to innocent people but if we adopt this mentality of revising why we despise other people, surely we can learn to move on and be happier. We need to free those wrapped in our misjudgements.

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  2. This is a wonderful post! I hate it when people go along with the crowd and judge or mistreat others. We must have a mind of our own and learn to stand up for what is right. I ask God to help me do this.

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  3. Loved the post. Never thought about what about when the book is already covered by some judgement. Do we dare not allow that to cloud what we see and perceive. You really made me think on this. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. this is true in the sense that a) it comes from personal experience with the person & b) the person has shown that they’ve changed, that they have remorse, are better people, etc. Otherwise, we’re setting the other person up to hurt us again.

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