Bounce back


Life is like a ride on a Ferris wheel. At times you feel like you are on top of the world and the next moment you are hitting the hard rock bottom but the good thing about hitting the rock bottom is that there is only one way left to go, UP.  From Love Simon, The movie

Quoting movies has since become one of my hobbies and I hold on to the above words because they keep me going. Life for most of us is no five star vacation. Many are the plans and hopes that we have for our lives but things don’t always go as we plan. We try so hard but at times it just doesn’t add up. At one point or another you might have felt like life was throwing you right off a cliff. Maybe you spent sleepless nights preparing for an exam but still did not make it to 50%. Maybe you wanted a new car by the end of 2019 but unexpected expenses just popped up. Maybe you loved but got hurt instead. Maybe you have been hustling for years now but you are still miles from achieving your goals. You know your struggle.

It is these struggles that actually give life meaning. When life throws you down, BOUNCE BACK! Point is failure is not falling down, it is staying down when you have fallen. Most of us are afraid of failing. Failing once is equivalent to falling once, it doesn’t mean you belong to the ground level so you gotta bounce back. You gotta get rid of the fear and just try. I used to think that brave people are only those who can face challenges without fear but now I understand that far braver are those who can actually face challenges despite their fears. Keep trying and failing till you make it. Never settle.

One of my high school teachers used to say, “A life without risks is the greatest risk of all”, and now I understand what she meant. You gotta go for whatever you want and risk failing. At the end of the day it is better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all because then you can look back at plan A’s short falls and bounce back with a better plan B.

My friend, grab life by its horns. Go for that which scares you. Try that which challenges you. Do that which makes you tremble in fear because honestly, if your dreams don’t scare you then they are not big enough. Yes, you may fall down nine times but pick yourself up, shake off the dust and try again for the tenth time. Bounce back.

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